Success as Defined by God

Success. It’s a tricky thing, yet something we all seek on some level, isn’t it?
We’ve been studying the life of Joseph in church. Joseph is one of my favorite historical figures and I’m thoroughly enjoying the study.
Today, the pastor was pointing out how Joseph enjoyed success in everything he did. (Genesis 39:2, 3, 23). Joseph’s secret? God was with him.
As I was pondering all this, I recognized that all of this occurred during a time when the world would not define Joseph as particularly successful. First, he was living as a slave in Potiphar’s household. After that, he was in prison.
I doubt most of us would define our lives as particularly successful if we found ourselves in those circumstances.
Yet, that is precisely the word scripture uses (in the NLT version). This reminded me that God’s definition of success doesn’t necessarily line up with ours – or with that of the world around us.
Maybe you don’t feel particularly successful. Maybe the world doesn’t view you as successful. Maybe you’re stuck in a dead-end job. Maybe you don’t have a job. Maybe you feel like you’ve failed as a parent. Maybe you feel like you’re always failing, that you’ve never been successful at anything.
God’s definition of success has nothing to do with our circumstances and everything to do with our perspective. Joseph was successful because he trusted God. He recognized that God was with him, no matter where he was or his status in life. God was with him.
If you belong to God through faith in Jesus Christ, God is also with you. You may not be 2nd in command over a powerful nation. You might even be stuck in a prison of some sort. Remember that God’s success is not the world’s. Seek Him and wait to see what success He might bring your way.

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