Avenger’s Shadow

Obsession can be fatal.

Britt Wolfe has it all. Fame, fortune, and a fulfilling career as the front man for one of the most popular rock bands in the world. But he also has a vengeful stalker, bent on ruining him in the most painful ways possible. What starts as harmless pranks quickly turns serious as acts of sabotage almost take his life.

An unusual assignment that’s all wrong.

Tracking a mysterious Christian leaves Special Agent Dalton Fowler feeling unsettled. Malachi isn’t a threat, yet finding him proves more difficult than tracking criminals. The investigation leads him to Britt’s tour, where he witnesses the ruthlessness of the stalker firsthand.

The Shadows are watching.

Britt has made the hit list for one of the most sinister and powerful underground organizations. The more he talks about his faith, the larger the target becomes. His message threatens the empire The Shadows have worked hard to establish and they will silence him, one way or another.

The threats keep coming… and encompass those close to Britt.

As the threats bleed over to those Britt cares about, Dalton steps in to protect the innocent. The stalker is determined to make Britt pay and The Shadows hover like death. Can Dalton and Britt figure out who is responsible in time to save the lives of Britt and his friends?

Avenger’s Shadow, book two in The Shadows series, is an action-packed story of boldness in the face of adversity and holding onto faith in Jesus when the world crumbles. Don’t miss this thrilling second installment!