The Fallen Series

Three unique strangers. Three distinct callings. Three powerful spiritual gifts. Serving the one true God.

If there’s one thing homicide detective Zander Salinas understands well it’s that the dead still have stories to tell. When his best witness is a woman who claims to hear from God, he’s forced to evaluate all he believes about God… and life. Will listening to her help him solve the murder of a teenage girl? Or will it silence him forever?

Bethany Summers thought her ex-husband couldn’t ruin her life any longer. She was wrong. When she finds herself on the run from her ex-husband’s murderer, it’ll take all her wits to stay one step ahead of the killers. Can she trust the unusual man who suddenly appears in her life and seems to know God better than anyone she’s ever met? Or will trusting him leave her broken beyond repair?

A simple prison work detail puts Rafe Garcia in the middle of a violent turf war. Stranded with a few guards and a handful of inmates, can the group evade the heavily armed smugglers long enough for help to arrive? Will the odd man who claims to see the spiritual realm be their salvation or lead them to their doom?