Deadly Redemption: Deadly Alliances Book 3

A deadly biotoxin.
A band of renegades.
And one ex-con who is willing to risk everything to stop them.

Life hasn’t turned out as Nate Miller expected. Serving a life sentence for his involvement with Stevens’ assassinations, he lives each day with little to anticipate.

Until the FBI arrives with an offer greater than he’d ever imagined.

Freedom. All he has to do is infiltrate a militia group and help bring them to justice.

The group is responsible for dozens of deaths and the FBI believes that they’re just getting started.

Their weapon of choice? A deadly biotoxin that kills without discrimination.

Although he has an in, infiltrating the group won’t be easy. It might prove fatal. But if he has the opportunity to save lives, doesn’t he also have the obligation to do whatever it takes?

His relatively newfound faith in God spurs him to agree to the FBI’s terms.

As he goes deeper into a life he thought he’d left behind, he finds himself being drawn back into activities he’d never thought he’d be a part of again. When the group threatens the woman he loves, he’s forced to go further than he planned in order to keep her safe.

What if he can’t protect her? What if the group adds her to their growing list of casualties?

While the group plots their next target, Nate struggles to maintain his cover. Can he stop them from launching an attack that will decimate the city? Or will he be forced past a point of no return?


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