Deadly Deliverance: Deadly Alliances Book 4

Deadly Deliverance

Three murders. A missing baby. The mob. And one EMT caught in the middle of it all.

“Fast track to heaven.” For EMT Dimitrios Lykos, his friend’s final words unleash a storm of devastation. The murder shakes his quiet life as abruptly as the assassin’s bullet ended Mike’s. He quickly realizes Mike’s murder was only the beginning when the killers turn their focus on him. Why would anyone target EMTs?

The answer becomes hauntingly clear when Dimitrios discovers damaging evidence Mike had in his possession. The evidence exposes a rich and influential man with mob connections, a man who will do anything – and kill anyone – to maintain the empire he’s built in blood.

When his friends and family are threatened, Dimitrios flees with the woman he loves, but the killers pursue them relentlessly. The killers close in, forcing Dimitrios to take extreme measures to protect those close to him, measures that just might cost him his life.

How can he trust God to save them when God failed to save Mike? Can Dimitrios protect the people he loves and still get justice for Mike? Or will the killers destroy the life he clings to so tightly?


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