The Shadows

Seven ordinary people. One extraordinary God.

As a covert society gains power and influence, one group will stand against them – at great personal cost. But can they stand firm against assassins, mercenaries, and corrupt leaders?

The Shadows Series is available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Midnight Shadow

The Shadows Book 1

When gun-toting mercenaries and a powerful shadow group pursue Tari Salah, she’s forced to run for her life. Who can she trust when the government believes she may be a terrorist?

Available at Audible, Amazon, or iTunes.



The Shadows Book 2

Britt Wolfe has it all, including a vengeful stalker and the hatred of a sinister secret society. As the threats bleed over to those Britt cares about, can he figure out who’s responsible before he or someone he loves pays the ultimate price?

Available at Audible, Amazon, or iTunes.

False Shadow, Book 3

Coming Spring 2023!

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