Silent is the Grave: The Fallen Book 1

Silent is the Grave 2020


A teenage girl is murdered, and others may join her soon, unless Detective Zander Salinas can stop the killer. Yet his best lead is also his source of greatest frustration: an intriguing, and possibly crazy, woman who claims to hear from God.

While his brain tells him to tread lightly, his heart is strangely drawn to the enigmatic Elly, whose naiveté makes her an easy target for the deadly gang that has no problem adding to San Francisco’s rising body count.

Even as he wrestles with the messages she attributes to God, her predictions come true. Miracles shadow her footsteps, forcing Zander to question everything he believes. Does God exist… and does He care? Is Elly as innocent as she seems? Or is it merely a façade to hide a sinister spirit?

Solving the mystery of Elly might be the key to finding the teenager’s killer. With the murderer moving freely about the bay city’s fog-shrouded streets, Zander must act fast to stop the grave from claiming another victim.

Because the grave silences all who enter.


A riveting story merging suspense with a hint of fantasy, Silent is the Grave explores love and loss, and the supernatural power of God working through His people to bring healing in the most desperate of situations. Begin your journey today.

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