Deadly Alliances

For U.S. Marshal Milana Tanner, secrecy is a way of life. Her job demands it, because her secrets keep people alive.

The Deadly Alliances series is available through most major audiobook retailers.

Deadly Alliances

Deadly Alliances Book 1

When her brother is thrust into the crosshairs of an infamous assassin, Milana will do whatever it takes to keep him safe – even confront the demons from her own mysterious past. The truth will test her faith and challenge everything she thought she knew… but it just might save her brother’s life.

Deadly Devotion

Deadly Alliances Book 2

When a serial killer paints a blood-red target on a close friend, Milana fights to keep him safe – but the killer’s deadly devotion might have fatal consequences.

Deadly Redemption

Deadly Alliances Book 3

A reformed criminal is offered a chance to right past wrongs, but he soon learns that second chances sometimes come at a high cost. Will his new start become a deadly redemption?

Deadly Deliverance

Deadly Alliances Book 4

A friend’s dying words launch Dimitrios Lykos into a world of danger and send him straight to Milana’s doorstep. Can they navigate the criminal underworld or will a powerful mob boss deal a deadly blow?

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