Nameless: Sinister Secrets Book 1

Nameless Cover 2021

Danger swirls in the mists of the Puget Sound. A string of baffling abductions culminates in the shocking disappearance of a little girl.

When the first victim’s body is discovered, FBI Special Agent Dakarai Lakes suspects the body count will only increase. The newest agent on his team, a woman with a degree in psychology, might be what they need to get inside the kidnapper’s head – if her rule-bending, renegade tactics don’t drive him crazy first.

With her background in human psychology, FBI Special Agent Kevyn Taylor has spent years honing her skills so she can read and predict human behavior with a high degree of accuracy. Stopping this sociopath will test her in more ways than one. After a rocky start working with her new team, she’s more determined than ever to solve the case, catch the criminal, and prove that she has something valuable to offer the tight-knit team.

As more people disappear – and the body count grows – Kevyn, Dakarai, and their team fight their unseen enemy to stop him before he kills another victim. If they fail, the next body found just might be one of their own.

Nameless, book one in the Sinister Secrets Series, is a gripping Christian suspense novel that explores the power of loneliness, friendship, and faith-filled living. Click here to buy your copy from Amazon today!