Deadly Devotion: Deadly Alliances Book 2

Paul Van Horn never wanted to be a hero.

Running a group home for at-risk kids is challenging enough, but everything changes when he witnesses a murder.

And not just any murder.

A serial killer has stalked the city for weeks and Paul is the only witness.

The press haunts his every move, broadcasting his identity to the world, ensuring the killer not only knows who he is, but where to find him.

He calls his closest friend, US Marshal Milana Tanner, a woman who’s as tough as she is stubborn. She pressures him to enter witness protection; all he wants is to maintain some semblance of normalcy. It’s a battle of wills that threatens the most important friendship he has, but compromise isn’t an option. Can their friendship survive the pressures facing them? Or will their relationship be forever tainted by the obsessions of a killer?

As the killer escalates and circles closer, Paul fights to shield the people around him from a man with nothing to lose.

Paul’s determined to do anything, risk anything, to keep them safe. He trusts God, but what if that isn’t enough? Will he be forced to sacrifice everything he holds dear to protect the people he loves?


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