Empty is the Grave: The Fallen Book 3

Empty is the Grave 2020

Years after being decommissioned, Alcatraz Island becomes a haven for smugglers and a graveyard for a group of inmates sent there on a simple work detail. It’s also home to a darkness few can see, but Josiah is one of the few. A battle brews between the forces of Heaven and the minions of Hell, with the souls of unsuspecting humans hanging in the balance.

Inmate Rafe Garcia thinks the day is a gift from God, a chance to get out of the prison walls and away from the constant threats within. When the first gunshot shatters the quiet, the blessing quickly becomes a nightmare. The grave consumes people all around him – what hope does he have of standing against the evil enveloping the island?

Teenaged tagger Chloe and her friends trusted the wrong man, a man who took them to Alcatraz to create their art, then abandoned them when the bullets flew. What started as an artistic adventure soon becomes a fight for survival. But how can two teens hope to make it off an island overrun with inmates, guns, and a growing body count?

As the spiritual threat increases, Josiah stands between the innocent and those bent on destruction, determined to defend life at any cost. Can he stop a threat that is both physical and spiritual? Or will the forces of hell fill the grave with the souls of those too unequipped to stand against the darkness?

Empty is the Grave, the thrilling final installment in the Fallen Series, explores the spiritual forces at work in the world around us and how one person can impact others for eternity. Don’t miss this heart-racing conclusion! Click here to buy your copy from Amazon today.