Deadly Alliances

You don’t know me… and if I had my way, you never would.

Milana Tanner, deputy for the US Marshals, at your service. I have no past, so don’t ask. And now my future is uncertain, too.

It wasn’t that long ago that everything was fine. My life might’ve even been similar to yours. Until my adopted brother, part of the only family I’ve ever known, joined countless others who call themselves witnesses. As in the “I witnessed a murder and now some really nasty people are trying to kill me” type of witness.

My brother’s under federal protection. I have to say I never saw this coming.

The people after my brother have hired the Shadow of Death to kill him. That’s not the assassin’s real name, of course, but it’s what everyone in law enforcement calls him. No one’s seen this guy and lived to describe him. The man – or woman, no one really knows for sure – could be anyone, anywhere.

And I have to suspect them all because I can’t lose my brother. My faith isn’t strong enough to survive that. I’m not strong enough to survive it.

But how can I stop a killer so embroiled in the shadows that he’s undistinguishable from the darkness surrounding him?


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