Broken is the Grave: The Fallen Book 2

Broken is the Grave 2020

Even in death, James managed to destroy her life.

Bethany Summers never imagined her husband would abandon her, leaving her to raise three kids alone. When James is brutally murdered, she thinks she’ll finally have closure. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Now the killer is after her and her kids are caught in the crossfire.

Zeke Shepherd battles the brokenness around him… and within. As a volunteer for a homeless shelter, he encounters hurting people on a regular basis, yet discovering James’ broken body shakes his world. When he meets Bethany, he wants nothing more than to keep her and her family safe. It won’t be easy. Danger lurks in the shadows of the streets of San Francisco.

As the killer closes in, Zeke and Bethany fight to stay one step ahead of death. Can they escape a killer so influential that no one will talk about him? Or will James’ legacy bleed into the lives of the family he left so long ago?

A gripping story blending suspense with a hint of the supernatural, Broken is the Grave explores our who we are and how only the power of God can take the brokenness of our lives and make us whole. Click here to get your copy from Amazon today!