Deadly Alliances Series

For U.S. Marshal Milana Tanner, secrecy is a way of life. Her job demands it. Because her secrets keep people alive.

She’ll do whatever it takes to protect her brother after he witnesses a murder. But not everyone is who they seem. Some relationships are Deadly Alliances.

When a serial killer’s Deadly Devotion paints a blood-red target on a close friend, Milana places herself between her friend and the killer.

A reformed criminal is offered a chance to right past wrongs, but he soon learns that second chances sometimes come at high cost. Will his new start turn out to be a Deadly Redemption?

The murder of an EMT and a baby of mysterious origins puts Milana and her brother in the crosshairs of a mobster who won’t stop until he silences them for good. Can they evade the mob long enough to be piece together the puzzle and stop them? Or will the mob’s wrath lead to a Deadly Deliverance?