Your Story is Powerful!

There is power in YOUR story!
Do you ever feel like your story doesn’t matter? That you know you should share the gospel, that you should tell others about what God has done for you, but that you don’t have a great story to tell?
Trust me, I’m right there with you.
We hear these people with amazing testimonies, how God pulled them out of a life of drugs and despair, turned them around, and now they’re living for Him. Praise God for those stories! They demonstrate His power and grace in amazing ways.
Yet for those of us who weren’t pulled out of a life of drugs, who don’t have a defining turning point but have just steadily walked with God for years, we often feel like our story lacks the power to reach people. If we’re honest, we often feel like our story is unimportant.
Or maybe we feel like we can’t share Jesus with others because they might ask us questions for which we don’t have the answer.
Have you been there? I have!
Be encouraged by the woman at the well! Scripture doesn’t even give us her name. She encounters Jesus during the course of her mundane daily activities – getting water from the well. That encounter with Jesus radically alters her life, so much so that she immediately runs back to town and tells other about it.
What does she say? “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?” (John 4:29)
That’s it. She doesn’t speak eloquently or poetically, she doesn’t persuade everyone that she’s right, she doesn’t even rehash the entire conversation. She just shares her experience with Jesus in a simple – yet powerful – way. We can see she doesn’t even have all the answers, for she asks if Jesus could be the Messiah.
The results of her simple story are amazing. John 4:39-42 say that many in the town believed in Jesus. And it all started with one woman who was willing to share her story.
What story has God given you? No matter how seemingly boring or insignificant, there is great power in your story. Share it today! You never know how God might use your story to change someone else’s life for eternity.

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