Does Size Matter?

Lessons from the road!

I just completed a lengthy road trip that took me through 11 states. It’s funny how God speaks through the most innocuous things sometimes.

As I was driving through Utah, I came across a river – and I use the word very loosely – that looked more like a canal. In fact, in Washington, I’ve seen canals bigger than that river. Yet the sign by the interstate proudly proclaimed that it was a river. I laughed. And from that point on, it was a game to see just how “big” the rivers I encountered were. Many were what I would call streams, not rivers.

See, the rivers I’m used to are big and deep, with rapids and water so cold it will put you into hypothermia in no time at all. Not these narrow, shallow streams that I could easily cross – maybe even step over without getting wet.

And then God reminded me of something.

It doesn’t matter how big the river is, or the power with which it seems to flow. What matters is that the river still brings water to the parched ground. Sometimes that water rushes in a raging flood with unequaled power. Other times it slowly meanders. Still other times it doesn’t seem to move at all. Sometimes it’s deep, sometimes shallow. What matters, though, is that it brings life to the barren ground.

In John 7:38 Jesus says “Whoever believes in Me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”

As humans, our natural inclination is to compare. We compare our walk with Jesus or our works with other people. Sometimes we feel like that rushing river that has a power that can’t be contained. Other times, we feel like that river that isn’t going anywhere. But is that what’s most important? Or is it the Spirit living in us, moving and working according to His purposes?

So whether you’re rushing or at a standstill, focus on the source of the water. Let Jesus work in you. And let Him control the size of the river – for His way is always right.

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