Does God Hear?

As I write this, it feels like the world is falling apart. Much of the west coast is on fire and buried in smoke, Texas is still reeling from Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Irma is making her way through Florida and Georgia after leaving mass destruction in the Caribbean.
We pray for all these situations (among others) and sometimes feel as though our prayers go unheard. Are you with me?
And yet… I find comfort in the words of a prophet. Isaiah 42:14-16 – “God says, ‘For a long time I kept silent; I did not answer My people. But now the time to act has come; I cry out like a woman in labor. I will destroy the hills and mountains and dry up the grass and trees. I will turn the river valleys into deserts and dry up the pools of water. I will lead my blind people by roads they have never traveled. I will turn their darkness into light and make rough country smooth before them. These are My promises, and I will keep them without fail.”
In the midst of trouble, chaos, heartache, sickness, or loss, God is not absent. He may not be answering your prayers in the way you expect or want, but He is right there. He is able to act and will act according to His plan in His timing.
So if you feel like your prayers are going nowhere, take comfort in these verses. Find other promises of God to which to cling and hold fast. God will act when the time is right and He will do amazing things!

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