Transplanted by the Master Gardener

I love hibiscus flowers. They are huge, vibrant, and beautiful! This particular one, however, is not your average hibiscus. What you can’t tell from this picture is that this plant stands over 6 feet tall!
This plant has a unique story. It shouldn’t be here. It was destined for destruction.
I bought it 2 years ago from a non-profit organization. This non-profit goes to properties that are about to be converted for commercial purposes and rescues native plants growing there, then resells them – giving them a 2nd chance at life.
When I bought this plant, it was only a few inches tall. I brought it inside during the winter and put it outside when the weather heated back up. It took this plant over a year to produce a single bloom, two years to really thrive. Now? It’s a massive, healthy plant that stretches above the roofline!
The Lord showed me that this plant’s life mirrors our own. We were all destined for destruction. We were planted in condemned ground, thinking we were fine… even as the bulldozer loomed behind us. Until Jesus, the master gardener, uprooted us from our dangerous position and placed us in His garden.
Sometimes, it feels unpleasant. Sometimes we’re stuck in a pot that feels too small, in soil that feels too dry or too moist, in wind that feels too strong. Yet the gardener knows what we need and His care is perfect.
Like the hibiscus, it can take time for us to begin to grow and more time for us to thrive. So if you feel like a weak little sprout, be encouraged by my hibiscus. If you let Jesus work, He will grow you into a beautiful, productive plant.

4 thoughts on “Transplanted by the Master Gardener

  1. Just discovered your devotional blog…now I want to read all the previous ones. Very encouraging and relatable to my life and today’s environment. You’re such a blessing to me, and I’m so grateful to be your friend.


    1. Hi Pat! Thanks for the kind words!

      These are the same things I post on Facebook, so if you’re seeing them there, this will just be a repeat. I just post them in multiple places to reach as many as possible.


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